Compact design for SHARK MK 3 gives unrivaled volume

  • Big loading bin

  • No need to clean behind pressplate

  • 30-60 sec operation

  • 4-10 ton capacity!

Patent protected; Europe and North America
Big loading bin – over 5 cubic meters
Capacity of 4-6 tons of dry cardboard – or 6-10 tons mixed
combusible (e.g. furniture).
Capacity varies due to the specific composition of the material as well as climate conditions.
Fast operation, cyclus time 30 sec Low feeding height – normally 110 cm
Very stabile operation. No single piece will stop operation if it fits the loading bin
In standard European application waterproof up to 23 cm No need to clean out behind press plate
Less wear and repair – since wear parts are not in the middle of the trash but above!
Easy maintenance – hydraulics and electronics are placed under the roof with easy access
Vandalism secured – container is closed when not in operation
Special designed opening mechanism; when the roof’s opens – makes it easy to empty
Over 30% less energy consumption than traditional technology Keeps cardboard dry while in the container
Can easily be adopted to many sites; free standing, at ramp, to opening in building
Extensive safety features